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Kathleen Rarewala » WELCOME Students, to Mrs. Rarewala's Art and Work Experience

WELCOME Students, to Mrs. Rarewala's Art and Work Experience

WELCOME to the Visual and Performing Arts and Work Experience Department
Please enjoy our time together. The Visual and Performing Arts and Career Tech Ed Departments are exciting and enjoyable. We will explore many  mediums together.
Students, do you need a work permit? Please see Mrs. Rarewala 1st period.
If you need extra help beyond 1st period, let me know in the morning and I will be available during break, before or after school.
Everyone who is under 18 years of age, needs a work permit.
Enroll in Work Experience.
You will receive 5 credits per quarter semester, when you complete 100 to 199 hours.
10 credits may be obtained if you work 200 hours or more per quarter.
FYI: Ten weeks is a work experience quarter.


Visual and Performing Arts Classes

Welcome to my VAPA classes.
Choose a Class and we will explore your creative mind, together.
Ceramics 1 A-B                                    ASB/Leadership
Ceramics 2 A -B                                   Journalism 1
Ceramics 3 A-B                                    Post-Secondary Transitions
Ceramics 4 A-B                                    Yearbook
                                                              Newspaper/Literary Magazine
Sculpture 1 A-B                                     Advanced Projects              
Sculpture 2 A-B
Graphics Design A-B
Creative Art A-B
Interior Visual Design A-B
Interior Design
Drawing Painting 1 A-B
Drawing Painting 2 A-B
Music Appreciation A-B
Printmaking A-B
Teacher Assistant 1 -4 years
Work Experience 1 - 4 

Otis College Tour 11/16/2017

Exploring Otis College of Art and Design for the day. RDM students were excited to see the many Art and Design disciplines that Otis offers the interested student.