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Welcome to Science

All About Me
I am Mrs. Megyei (Meg-yay!). I am thrilled to be teaching at Rancho del Mar High School. Previously I taught Chemistry and Biology at Lynwood High School. I completed my AS in biology at El Camino College, my BS in psychobiology at UCLA and my teaching credential at CSUDH. 
All About the Science Requirements and Offerings 
Students need one year of physical science (Applied Physical Science, Chemistry, Earth Science or Physics) and one year of life science (Life Science or Biology) to graduate from high school. Many colleges, however, are looking to see three years of laboratory science. Anatomy & Physiology and Marine Biology are elective science courses that satisfy the A-G college preparatory requirements.
Note: Applied Physical Science and Life Science are not A-G courses.
Other Elective Courses
I also offer health, psychology and sociology electives. Health addresses the four unifying ideas for health literacy; (1) acceptance of personal responsibility, (2) respect for and promotion of the health of others, (3) an understanding of the process of growth and development, and (4) the informed use of health-related information, products, and services. Psychology focuses on human thoughts and behaviors, covering the topics of research methods; the structures, functions and development of the brain; sensations and perceptions; learning and memory; cognition and intelligence; and diagnosing and categorizing mental disorders. Sociology focuses on group interactions and norms, covering the topics of research methods; socialization; culture; race and ethnicity; gender roles and identity; family and relationships; education; and deviance and social control. 
If you have any questions about what the different courses entail, or pathways to careers in the field of science, please do not hesitate to contact me. 
google voice #: 424-247-6511
I look forward to making science more approachable and engaging for all learners.