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Don't forget your signed Voting Note!

On Friday, November 2 you participated in a Mock Midterm Election - your task was to share that with the adult that takes care of you, have them sign the note you wrote during class and return it on Monday.  You were also able to take a picture with your parent and your "I Voted" sticker or with their official sample ballot.  Attached is a copy of the note you wrote in case you misplaced it.  

Article of the Week #1: DHS unveils Trump's first completed border wall project: 'Walls work'

For each history class you must complete five Articles of the Week (AOW).  If you have already completed the five for the course you are currently enrolled in you do not need to complete this assignment.  If you missed a AOW during the course of your current class you can use this AOW to make up the points.  You may also complete this AOW and use it for your next history course if you are planning on continuing at RDM.  This AOW is due this Friday.  

Article of the Week #5 - Newsom eyes return to spotlight as California Governor

Here is your Article of the Week #5 on the other candidate for California Governor up for vote in the November 6, elections.  On Monday you will silently read the article through, Tuesday we will annotate the article in class, Wednesday we will write the summary paragraph, Thursday you will write your opinion on whether or not you would vote for this candidate and Friday the article is due!  If you are absent any of these days check the class model on the front white board.  

Article of the Week 4: Cox leans on business success in bid for California governor

The California midterm elections are coming up on November 6, 2018.  One of the items on the ballot is the gubernatorial election.  Voters will have to choose between Gavin Newsom (D) and John Cox (R).  Who are these men?  Who would you vote for if you were registered?  This week we will read about John Cox and next week we will read about Gavin Newsom.  Your AOW #4 is due on Friday, October 12.  

Article of the Week 3: Kavanaugh Accuser Christine Blasey Ford Reaches Tentative Deal to Testify

Attached please find Article of the Week #3.  In class on Monday you will read the article independently noting what you agree, disagree, find important, surprising or wonder about.  On Tuesday we will annotate the article together as a class.  Wednesday we will write the summary paragraph.  On Thursday you will write the opinion paragraph - the article is due on Friday.