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Amiee Megyei » Updates During School Closure Due to COVID-19

Updates During School Closure Due to COVID-19

Submitting Assignments
Please email me all assignments. If you prefer to work by hand you can take pictures or scan your completed assignments. If you prefer to work on the computer you can type the assignment title, question numbers, (you do not need to retype the questions), and answers into a word or google doc. When you are ready to take a test, let me know and I will email it to you.
My office hours are 12 - 1 pm Monday - Friday. I am responding to emails (megyeia@pvpusd.net) from 8 - 2 on school days. You can also call or text my google voice number (424-247-6511). If you feel that you need face-to-face instruction we can set up an appointment time for a zoom meeting.
Specific Course Updates
If you are taking Sociology, I have changed the course syllabi so that all assignments are now on the school website. If you began the course before the changes and are using the textbook, you can continue to do so. Otherwise, please see the new sociology tab on the RDM website. 
If you do not have a Marine Biology textbook for the guided readings, we are working on a way for you to pick up a textbook soon. In the meantime you can email me the chapter you are on and I can send you pictures of my book. 
All of the Anatomy & Physiology labs can be done at home. If it asks you to label one of the models in the classroom, then simply find a picture of an anatomical model and label it instead. The Chemistry and Biology labs that require graphing data, virtual demonstrations, and everyday items can be completed at home. If there is a lab that you do not have the supplies for let me know and I will give you an alternate assignment, or send you a description/video of the data so you can still complete the pre-lab and conclusions.